Membership Benefits

All members will be availing the following benefits as members of TEC

  1. The members will have access to webinars, conferences, seminars & teacher’s training workshops being organised by TEC.
  2. The members will be having access to publications & newsletters of the organization.
  3. The members will have access to the knowledge centre of the organization that will provide them access and support for their academic and professional pursuits.
  4. The members will have access to the mentor’s community.
  5. The members will have the opportunity to engage as tutors to law students from all around the country and impart knowledge and training to the students community at large through the tuition-on-demand segment. The members can register themselves on our host platform (name to
    be decided) and engage with the student community on the basis of community guidelines.
  6. The members will have the prospect of financial benefits through engagement as LedXperts and engaging with a vibrant edu-tech community.

Benefits of being a LedXpert

  1. Access to a worldwide community of law students
  2. The chance to share knowledge & expertise beyond affiliations
  3. Enhancement of personal brand of the educator
  4. Creation of intellectual property
  5. Financial benefits